Coronado Springs Date Night

If you want to keep any relationship fresh, you have to cultivate it. Craig and I keep our flame strong by making sure to take time for each other, without the kids or others. Focusing on each other is key, to feel free to talk about whatever is on our minds without others listening in. I love our date nights because it’s all about him and I in those moments, and no matter what I say or do, he loves me for all of it.  We waited out the rain tonight and once it let up, we headed to Coronado Springs Resort for desert and a walk.

I hadn’t been to this Resort in awhile, so it was exciting to walk into the lobby and see the beautiful fountain. We headed to the Café area where we found yummy cakes, $3.99 each, and enjoyed them while sharing a Coke. We reminisced about our day, and I was so happy to be able to spend time with him. Between work, school, and the daily grind of life, it has been a long week. Sitting next to a different fountain while we shared our deserts was simply heaven, and it was just what I needed.

We then headed out into the night, where the Resort is lit up so wonderfully. We walked the entire Resort, making the circle that goes past the Conference Center, the Aztec Pool, and the Main Lobby. As we approached the cobblestone bridge, we could hear Fantasmic playing. It was so cool to just stand there and listen to the finale, the stars out, the weather gorgeous, and not a single soul around. Yet another reason of why I love living here.

Enjoy the pictures Craig took, and have a great Saturday!

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