Getting Misty Eyed At Walt Disney World

The most mature adult can be brought to tears by just the start of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”  We thought we would share what makes us grab for the kleenex while visiting our favorite place on earth.

The first thing that gets us choked up each and every time is driving under the Walt Disney World marquee sign.   It’s our “welcome home” and we will never go under it without shedding a tear.

Next to come is always the drive in to the Disney Resort. Most of the time it’s All-Star Movies, and we all scream as we turn into the driveway and park. Walking into the lobby, seeing the familiar; it’s overwhelming.Poly13

Boarding the Monorail for the first time on each trip is another tear – jerker. Hearing the announcement, seeing my family so excited, it’s just amazing.  I start to lose it as we all walk down the sidewalk towards the Magic Kingdom.

As we line up to enter MK, we try to get there early to see the show in the morning. The music swells, the singers sing, the characters come out, and the countdown begins…10..9…and somewhere around 8 I am a blubbering mess.

Walking underneath the train station, towards the courtyard, and then you come around the bend…and there is that gorgeous castle. I mean…grab the Kleenex. The first time I saw that view, I was just beside myself. Then when I saw my children see it for the first time…it was just…wow.

On a side note, Carl and I renewed our wedding vows at Walt Disney World. Our wedding pictures in front of the Castle are my absolute favorite.  You want to talk about crying…walking down Main Street, no one around except you and your husband, in your wedding clothes with the sun coming over the castle.

We tear up also at the Hall of Presidents, Spectromagic, Peter Pan, TTA, Philharmagic when Aladdin is on the carpet,  and any and all character interactions with kids getting hugged.

At the end of the day, my feet are sore, my purse is lighter, but nothing can keep us from “Wishes.” The ending with the children singing and the music gets more intense with the fireworks…another lose it moment for this guy and gal.

Walking into Epcot, the size and beauty of Spaceship Earth is always overwhelming to me. I tear up watching my family head into The Land for Soarin…waiting in line, and when we are all belted in..that music starts…wow..I could cry now just thinking about it.  Nemo also holds a special place in my heart with my youngest daughter…she is forever my little girl on this ride. Seeing her smile on this and any ride makes me wipe the eyes.

Very few shows can really, REALLY get to me like the American Adventure. Voices of Liberty start off the goosebumps and tears..then the show starts and when I hear “Golden Dreams” it’s just very emotional.  Seeing the Challenger astronauts, then Walt Disney himself, I just always think how grateful I am to be alive to see this show so many times. Brilliant show.

The ending of Illuminations is also very emotional, but the end of the Christmas one is an over-the-top Kleenex getter.   “Let there be peace on earth” is such a beautiful song, and put to fireworks and such is just beautiful.

Hopping to Hollywood Studios, the best of the best that gets us emotional is One Man’s Dream and the end of Fantasmic.  Seeing Walt speak about his story, it’s just incredible to know what talent and foresight this great man had and what he made for OUR family to enjoy.

At Animal Kingdom, the only thing that really gets to us is the Nemo show. “Not My Dad” song is a heart breaker because our youngest has strong feelings towards Carl about this song. Every time we hear it at home on the cd, she has to be in arm’s length of Carl. We saw it once without her with us, and I thought we may have to walk out of the show because of how hard hit we were.

On the lighter side of what brings tears to our eyes, here are a few of ours.  Waiting lines, waiting times, paying high costs for food, looking at price tags, bathroom lines, and always having to wait for my first daiquiri of the trip.

We hope you have enjoyed our insight to our emotional moments, we would love to hear yours.  Keep your dreams alive!

~Carl and Ellie Peters~



3 thoughts on “Getting Misty Eyed At Walt Disney World

  • One Man’s Dream always gets me. Hearing Julie Andrews talk about this amazing man that did all of this, all we get to enjoy…it’s amazing.

    At every park, when you’re getting ready to go in, you hear the park-specific music, and I start bouncing – not really because I’m excited, but to hide the fact that I’m trying *desperately* not to cry. The worst for me is EPCOT. The music is amazingly distinct.

    And, finally, though it’s not in the World, it’s the biggest clue that I’m *home* :: Driving into Orlando on the Turnpike. The palm trees and smooth road, paired with the setting sun and smell of orange groves…

    Like I said: Home.

  • I’m so glad that I’m not the only adult to cry at WDW. I cry when I walk through the gates; when I first hear the train whistle blow; I cry when I see the castle and when the Dumbo ride comes into full view. And the fireworks over the castle; or Fantasmic at HS…forget it; I’m a blubbering mess. I also cry at The Lion King performance and certainly at moments when I can see the Magic in my kids’ eyes. What is it about Disney that gets us so emotional? What a rare and wonderful, wonderful place.