To Hop or Not to Hop…

Happy Trip Planning Tuesday everyone! Today I thought we would touch upon why you should or shouldn’t invest in a Park Hopper pass.

First, decide on how many days you are REALLY going to be in the parks. The Orlando area is full of fun things to see and do, and most of us add Sea World or Universal Studios to the vacation since we will be there anyways.  If you are planning on a week vacation, take into consideration how many days you will strictly devote to Disney and only Disney.  If you are only spending a couple of days there, a Park Hopper is ideal to see all 4 parks.  It all comes down to how much you want to see in the time you are given.

Second, dining plays a part into it as well. If you plan on dining at one park for lunch, and another for dinner, the park hopper is the way to go.  The cool thing is, you really don’t need to. If you purchase a base ticket, plan on reservations at the same park for your meals each day, or the park and then a different Disney resort, you can save a lot of money by NOT hopping.

Third, let’s talk hopping when it comes to transportation. If you brought your own vehicle, or rented one, hopping won’t be too much of an issue.  Leave one park, drive 5-10 minutes to get to another.  Now if you are relying on the Disney bus system, boats, or monorail, the time it takes to hop can be sometimes as high as an hour. How so? Lets take the monorail for example. It does run quite a bit, but depending on crowds, you may or may not get on the first one that shows up. Now add more time waiting for the next one, and then add travel time.   The monorail will always be quicker than the bus system. Again, crowds, the number of busses being used that day, etc.. effects how long you wait and your travel time.

Another item of interest to keep in mind is that during holiday weeks, summer time, and other busy times of the year, hopping can be a headache. The crowds double, sometimes triple in size, which means that the time you thought it would take to eat, get to, etc.. is also doubled.  A word of warning, the parks have been known to close when at capacity, as they should.  The problem is that many feel that when you hold a ticket, hopper or not, that you guaranteed entrance to the park. Not the case!  Keep that in mind when going during the busy times so you are not left out in the cold, and out the cash it took to buy the hopper.

We hope this helped those of you wondering about the pros and cons of purchasing a Park Hopper pass. Need more information? Visit to find out the current prices of tickets. Good luck and have a great trip!

One thought on “To Hop or Not to Hop…

  • Definately have to get the PH! We’re planning on staying at Beach Club next visit, so we can be close to Epcot. Will visit MK and HS on days and Epcot at night or whenever we want!! I just love to have the flexibility of going where ever and when ever we want!

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