It’s All About the Planning

I know you will find this hard to believe, but wanting to move across the country actually takes quite the bit of planning. Of course, I kid, it is hard work, but I believe we are on the right track. So tonight lets talk about where you start when you are in the planning stages only.

First, as Figment said “It Takes a Spark,” meaning the idea of moving clearly has to be born. Once born, it helps to have the rest of your family on board, and more importantly, that the idea of it can truly be attained. What do I mean? You can’t be letting your reality check bounce. EVERYONE should follow their dreams, but make sure to really know your reasons on why to move, so that in the end it also makes sense.

Establish a time line for yourself that will allow you and your family enough space to get things done, both where you live currently and your new hometown. Our time line is 2 years. Now, some of you may think that is a long time to be planning, other possibly may think that’s not enough, but for us this timing is just right. We have to consider the time it takes to save the money to move and live on if things are shaky at first, time to find jobs before and after the move if need be, and time in general to wrap things up here at home. Find the timing that works for you, and stick to the goal.

Got money? Save, save, and save some more. Saving your money from the start of your plans is a sure fire way to have insurance for when you move. You will need money for moving, down payment or security deposit, buying new furniture (if needed) and living on while you get your bills settled the first month(s) you live in your new place. It always feels better to have a large account when making such a huge step in life than “hoping” you will make it when you get there.

Make the Internet your best friend. What do I mean? Research, even early on, is never a bad thing. Think about your daily life now…taking the kids to school, going to work, going to the store after, heading to church, walking the dog,etc. Everything you know to be true now will be different, obviously, when you move. Research cities, neighborhoods, crime rates, locations of parks and stores, school choices, traffic patterns, and so on. Knowing what you are getting into early on will help make your decision that much easier when the time comes.

Last but not least, the help of word of mouth. The very point of our blog was to make Disney/Florida friends and to get input on the ins and outs of living in Florida. We want to know the best cities, the best apartment buildings, the nicest schools, etc. It is so nice to hear from those of you who live there because you live it day to day and YOU are one of our greatest resources. Any help and insight you can give us on our journey is more than appreciated.