What’s That Smell?

Whether we are stepping off the plane or driving across the state line, Florida has a smell that says to us “Welcome Home”. We have yet to figure out how to bottle and sell this amazing smell, but we would know it instantly if we smelled it anywhere else.

This leads us into our topic tonight, what smells remind you of Disney?

After the smell of the Florida air, next to hit us is the smell in the lobby of the Disney resort we are staying at. Hopefully if you are lucky enough, you should smell a combination of cleaning products to ensure that your room is fresh and ready. (Just a joke, we love our Mousekeepers!)

Many park rides and attractions have thier own smell, some on purpose. We thought we would share with you our favorite Magic Kingdom scents.  The first attraction that comes to mind is “Philharmagic” – this show is a great example of the “on purpose” smell. Whether it is the champaign corks popping corks or Donald presenting us with the sweet smell of apple pie, we have found it never gets old. Our favorite smells on Main Street are, of couse, connected to food. Coming or going, you can’t miss the smell of a delicous pastry at the Main Street Bakery, or a mouth watering hotdog topped with sour kraut across the street at Casey’s.

Then there are those smells we just can’t identify, but we know them the minute we take a whiff. These being the caves in the que area of “Pirates of the Caribbiean”, the lobby of the “Haunted Mansion”, the tunnels on the “TTA”, and sailing the seas of “It’s A Small World.”

Hopping on the monorail, there is always the scent that we just can’t placce. Skinned a knee recently? That’s right, we believe it smells like Band-aids! Some of you like that smell, some of you don’t. We are in the category that it could smell like dirty diapers (which it has been known to be like) and we would still love it because it’s the Monorail.

Epcot is no stranger to having some of the most incredible scents on Disney property.  Being our favorite ride, we always head to Soarin first. No other smells can we pick out of a crowd than the orange groves, the smell of the ocean surf, and the flight over the pine trees. Another recognizable smell is one we are not so much a fan of, but no trip would be without it…Journey Into Imagination’s “The Smell Room”. Now if you are one of the lucky few who have not visited this ride yet, you have avoided the blast of the skunk smell. Would you find it funny to know that after ten trips, we thought we were just really unlucky by spinning the skunk odor each time? Live and learn.

We realize that there are thousands of smells on Disney property, these were just a few of our favorites. We want to hear from you…what are you favorites? What are the ones you just can’t stand?



3 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?

  • Well… I found you by way of FB, and after reading your first few posts I subscribed. Your family is a lot like ours… especially the part where when you get home from a trip to Disney you begin planning your next one. Our first trip, two days after getting engaged, was to Disney (back when it was just MK and EPCOT.) I am really looking forward to reading about your journey as it unfolds.


  • I can’t imagine anyone not liking the smell from the bakery on Main Street! Another smell, and I don’t know why, is POC something about the water I guess. It just stays with me.
    Another smell is our lugage. Seems kind of weird, but our luggage always seems to bring home that certain smell from our resort. It stays for quite awhile and to make last even longer, I have now reserved that particular luggage to Disney only trips!

  • I’ve always loved the swampy smell of Florida. It smells like home to me. Even the Orlando airport has a specific smell from other airports. It’s that humid air I think. My family and I are planning on moving in the next year or two as well. Maine is just too darned far away from WDW!

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