Our long journey begins…

Well, our long journey has begun. While it may be almost two years away, there are a great deal of things that we will be doing in the coming months to plan and prepare for our move. We have a family vacation to Walt Disney World sprinkled in there, and I am sure a few weekend ‘research’ trips are on the agenda as well.

In the next few months, we are going to try to talk about what it is that we love about Disney. As the time draws closer, we will talk more about our plans for our relocation, some of the steps that we need to take, the bumps along the road, and all of the excitement. Once we make our relocation, we will introduce many new features to our website that we are planning and excited about.

Our family would again like to thank you ahead of time for following us on our journey, and for all the advice that many of you have already offered. We have been talking about moving to Orlando for many years, and it is exciting to actually be planning it for real.

2 thoughts on “Our long journey begins…

  • This page is exciting! I am graduating HS in 2012 and i’d love to move to florida if I could find a good inexpensive college and a affordable apartment. I’ll check the blog for updates. I love it!

  • I would love to move to FL! Actually, we almost made that move Oct 2006 when we finished our military enlistment and moved from WA state to TN. The plan was to move down to FL after visiting with my now husband’s parents (they had recently moved to TN from OH, but they’re all originally from WI). The one problem we had….we couldn’t find a job because we weren’t residents of FL and we couldn’t find a place to live (well, rent an apartment) because we didn’t have income (they wouldn’t accept 6 months rent paid in advance, well, none of the ones we looked at).

    So, we got jobs in TN, bought a house, got married and in July became parents and now my hubby is balking at me even mentioning moving to FL….he’s not too fond of the heat. The only way he’ll even consider moving, well, there are actually 2 ways.

    1. If one of us gets a job offer we can’t pass up (and both of our current jobs would allow for us to transfer to FL so we wouldn’t necessarily run into the problems we had before).

    2. If his dad’s job moves him to FL (a very real possibility) we’ll move to to help his mom out. His dad’s job requires him to travel and pretty much their whole family is in WI so we’d move to keep his mom company (plus, she’s our babysitter! lol) and I’m for any reason to get down to the sunshine state!

    I’m currently back tracking through your blog and so far, I love it! I’m hoping to be able to use some of it to convince hubby that we need to move to FL. 🙂

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